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To download the 2006 Wilton Magazine media kit in PDF format, click here.

To download the Wilton Online Media Kit, click here.


Adam Pemberton
Phone: 203/762-0583
Fax 230/761-8816
Email Adam

Associate Publisher
Jill Mulligan Degener
Phone: 203/762-0583 Ext. 100
Fax 203/761-8816
Email Jill

Sales Director
Preston Stuart
Phone: 203/762-0583 Ext. 104
Fax 203/761-8816
Email Preston

Account Manager
Lynn Valenti
Phone: 203/664-1265
Fax 203/761-8816
Email Lynn

Sales Manager
Julia Pemberton
Phone: 203/762-0583 Ext. 102
Fax 203/761-8816
Email Julia

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Wilton Magazine is a bimonthly publication tailored specifically to Wilton residents. Wilton Magazine is edited to enrich the experience of living in one of Connecticut’s most desirable communities. The magazine explores and interprets the lifestyles, customs and culture of Wilton residents. By providing information that is viewed as unique and important, Wilton Magazine has an impact on the larger universe of men, women and teenagers who make and shape opinion and trends in the community.


Each issue combines a mix of insightful articles by local journalists with dynamic photo-graphs, illustrations and design, presented in a handsome, glossy format with a long shelf life. Wilton Magazine is filled with in-depth articles on topics specifically affecting Wilton residents—profiles of local people who make Wilton a vibrant community, historical features on the people and events that have made the town what it is today, reviews of restaurants, insider looks at Wilton artists, local business profiles and spectacular presentations of the latest trends in home and garden design.

Wilton residents are affluent and well educated. They are “upscale” consumers who take action based on what they read and hear around town. Wilton Magazine’s broad editorial coverage appeals to the community-minded reader willing to spend time, energy and money on any number of consumer passions, including fashion, travel, dining, entertainment, the arts, and home décor.

Wilton residents possess an average household income of $187,822. According to William Pitt Real Estate, the average home sale price in 2003 was $857,264. The median age of Wilton residents is 40 years, according to the 2001 national census. Wilton Magazine represents a unique and influential advertising showcase for upscale products and services that cannot be duplicated by any other medium.

Wilton Magazine’s distribution is 7,500 copies per issue, which includes 6,600 households. Wilton Magazine is distributed free to EVERY household in Wilton.

Multiple copies of Wilton Magazine are distributed to affluent consumers in high reader pass-along venues, such as physician offices, attorney offices, real estate offices, and to key opinion makers such as school administrators, business owners, and town government officials.

Wilton Magazine is sold in prominent retail locations throughout the Fairfield County area.

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