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Wilton's 2006 Real Estate Market
In mid-2005, most realtors saw a market in flux and felt the fall activity would be very telling. Checking back with realtors in mid- to late December, and just after the full-year figures were in, the consensus was best summed up by Peter H. Hastings of Hastings Real Estate, “The fall didn’t speak too loudly. It was still a transitional market from sellers to buyers; well-priced properties sold quickly, but overall, houses remained on the market longer. The slowdown has been healthy, however. The ‘bubble’ talk has been displaced; we are not going to have a pop. It is still a lively market, but not frenetic.” (4/6/2006)

It's a Pool, It's a Patio...It's Superyard!
Once upon a time, the suburban yard was just grass, trees, and a patio or deck with a picnic table. Not anymore. Today, yards boast swimming pools designed to look like ponds, outdoor living rooms with stone fireplaces and upholstered love seats, man-made streams complete with waterfalls, and lighting that rivals a Broadway theater. Wilton’s pastoral landscape, replete with flowering trees and shrubs, woods, ponds, streams, and rolling hills, offers the perfect backdrop for these sophisticated outdoor amenities. (3/22/2006)

A Career Deflected but not suppressed
Ralph Kirmser was made for woodwinds. At least, that was what his musical director told him in grade school. Kirmser, a cardiologist, moved to Wilton with his wife and family in 1978. (1/26/2006)

Town Green
Wilton's Long-Term Challenge (1/2/2006)

My One Piece of Advice: Remodeling Your Home
Before you begin your remodeling project, solicit advice from as many people you know. The lessons learned from their hard-earned failures can make a difference in so many ways, such as choosing the right service providers or pointing out crucial details you may not have considered before. (1/2/2006)

On The Street: Wiltonians Speak Out About Global Warming
Wilton Magazine asked people at random for their thoughts on global warming and what our government and citizens should do, if anything, to address it. Their answers were thoughtful and often detailed. (1/1/2006)

Growing Up in Wilton

Adrienne Reedy
Adrienne Reedy’s house was bustling with the energy of her three children home during summer vacation; her retired husband, Steve, milling about; their friendly dog meandering into rooms; and a former neighbor from Philadelphia who had arrived on their doorstep to say hello. There was a lively buzz in this Wilton household that would soon spread beyond the town’s borders. Spearheaded by Adrienne, the Reedys have a purpose to help others throughout the world... (11/2/2005)

Olmstead Hill Farm: A Wilton Garden Pays Homage to an Ancestral Home
Of the few Wilton antique homes still standing, not many have as rich a history as the original Olmstead house, built by one of the towns founding families. Still occupied by Olmstead descendants, it now is set off by inviting professional gardens and landscaping. (5/3/2004)

Getting into College Today...An Inside Look from Wilton High School
Choosing a college is seldom a no-brainer; it's usually fraught with anxiety, tension, indecision, and worry. Today—at Wilton high—it is no different. (5/3/2004)

Milestones in Wilton

Wilton Collects...Skip Heydt Delights in His Microcosmic World

Wilton's Living Legend: An Interview with Jazz Pioneer Dave Brubeck and Family

The Wilton Real Estate Market...Still Hot?

Wilton High's Class of '99: Coping with Recession and 9/11

Spring Fever! Designing with Bulbs for a Splashy Spring Display

"Buy Direct. Save Big"
Wilton Magazine Checks Out a Big Ticket Buying Club. (11/15/2003)

Retiring in Wilton: Who Stays? Who goes?
Wilton retirees often face an anguishing decision: stay or leave—and the ultimate choice is not always purely economic. (11/15/2003)

From Sawdust to Sushi...The Saga of Wilton's Village Market
An Interview with Owner Peter Keating (11/15/2003)

eBay Lite: A Painless Approach to Auctioning Old Stuff for Cash
EBay, the electronic auction site that has become the nation’s online flea market, has spawned a new breed of entrepreneur—a middleman who reduces the whole transaction down to one simple act: drop off your stuff and wait for the check. (11/15/2003)

Saly Maraventano & Cucina Casalinga
Of the over 1,800 Wilton businesses listed in the Dun & Bradstreet database, few are as unique as Cucina Casalinga. Nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood, Cucina Casalinga translates roughly as "home-style cooking"; and that is what Sally Maraventano, a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, has been teaching from her home and other locations for more than 20 years. (11/15/2003)

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